Fools are ruled by the stars.

Wise people rule their own stars and create the reality they desire!

We will never get what we want if we don't know what we want. Sure, once in a while the universe throws us a pizza or a chocolate bar we weren't expecting. But, for the most part, the Universe is on its own path and not really concerned about us... if it notices us at all. The key to success and happiness is to visualize what you wish to achieve and to work towards it. And to be aware of, and prepare for, as many obstacles as you can identify.

No one can give you the answers. You have to answer your own questions. What I do is help you ask yourself the right questions and guide you through the process of revealing your answers. We are often given signals by our own intuitions, that we may not recognize without a little objective clarity. Sometimes we have more information than we need but just don't know which bits of it are the most important. I want to help.


The Time Is Now

The time is always now, but is it the right time?

Sometimes, just talking to a friendly person who doesn't judge you or have opinions... or having a chat you can't have with anyone you know... Sometimes it is that easy. We can talk about the astral influences going on, pick a Tarot card and chat for a while about the card and how to meditate on the idea. Or we can dig deeper with a full Tarot Reading and/or consult the I Ching and take a closer look at what the stars are doing.


Smoke and Mirrors

And other tools of our trade.

Anywhere else, smoke and mirrors are considered tools of deception, to make you believe one thing when another is true. I use smoke and mirrors in a different way. I encourage you to meditate in the swirls of smoke for a vision and I try to be your mirror and help you look yourself in the eye and find the truth. The only thing I will try to get you to believe in... is YOU!.


William Apollo Wants To Be Your Astral Advisor

My greatest strengths as a human are my honesty, integrity and empathy. I'll never claim to have all the answers... just that I have a lot of tools and experience and will do whatever I can to help you find your own answers.

Astral Charts

Learn about your Sun Sign, Rising Sign, Moon Sign and more. In college, my first major was Aerospace Engineering. I didn't learn much about astrology until I was older, but my studies of gravity, space/time, light and quantum theory were the foundation my for my belief in the Science of Astrology. Here is the Mathematical Concept of Gravity as proposed by Sir Isaac Newton.

Ask The Right Questions

We can use the tools of mystical divination when needed. We can also bring to light many relevant questions just by having a friendly chat. I've been through an awful lot in my life and so I have no opinions or judgments about how people live or the situation they might be in. All I wish to offer is compassion.

Magic Potions

Wouldn't that be great?!?! Well, I am well versed in the use of herbs and essential oils, which can do wonders for physical and spiritual help. But don't kid yourself... real change takes commitment and time. My goal is to help you find your direction, resolve and peace of mind.

Relax And Have Fun

Sometimes you can't relax until you finish something or get something off your chest... but in general, the key to a happy life is to make enough time for yourself in your busy day and to have things you do for fun and excitement and things you do to just relax.

Resources and References

I'll keep working on my Website and adding articles and links to research papers I find that offer education and awareness about all things regarding your health of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Privacy and Discretion

I am not bound by any hippocratic or legal obligation to maintain your privacy, but I will do everything I can to protect you and never reveal your secrets. The only single exception is if you tell me you have committed a crime in such a way as to make me an accessory by admission. Other than that, everything you say or do with me will be completely private and I have an agreement on my Website to guarantee your security.

Get in touch!

You can email me anytime and I'll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.